Our Purpose

Symbolising Frans Indongo’s legacy, the Group is not only about the size of the organisation that originated from small beginnings, but it is about the number of people it positively impacts, the contribution it makes to the Namibian economy and the drive with which it pursues a life of purpose.

Proving that with the right vision and motivation small opportunities can be transformed into conglomerates, Frans Indongo Group invests in companies that provide the potential for sustainable wealth creation through growth, by embodying critical mass, good governance and inspired leadership.

Frans Indongo, Sam Nujoma, Frans Indongo Lodge, Namibia

The inauguration of the Frans Indongo Lodge on 1 November 2003. Dr Sam Nujoma congratulating Dr Frans Indongo on his latest acquisition.

The Group purports that success is not only defined by how much money the company generates, but also by how much it contributes towards establishing an economically viable and independent Namibia; by making business more accessible to the people it serves and using every opportunity today to shape the way for a better and more prosperous tomorrow for all.

Inspired Leadership

The men and women who lead and manage the Frans Indongo Group businesses and investments according to established policies are capable, experienced and visionary. These people will ensure that the Group continues to grow and build on the foundations laid by Dr Frans Indongo.

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